Divorces Involving High Net Worth in New York

Divorces involving individuals with a high net worth are often complicated. With more assets, which are sometimes “hidden” and financial instruments, it can be difficult to come to an agreement about how to divide them.  There are often multiple aspects the consider: businesses owned, retirement accounts, trusts, pensions, inheritance, and more. The issues of child support and maintenance must also be resolved.   These two aspects can be much more complicated in a divorce involving high net worth.

It’s a tragic reality that some high net worth legal battles can be drawn out over a long and difficult divorce. Your attorney should responsibly litigate and avoid unnecessary legal fees. I believe you shouldn’t lose your assets to your attorney in the process of attempting to get them, or keep them from your spouse.

If you’re facing or planning a divorce involving a significant amount of assets, then contact me.   I can ease many of your concerns and give you the facts. You’ll feel better knowing exactly what the specific consequences and outcomes could be for your complex situation. Don’t let another day go by before you finally take action.

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