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Q: I am the court-ordered beneficiary for my ex's life insurance. He changed it against the settlement and I made him change it?


  • Michael A Cohen’s answer: If he dies you are free to go live with the children wherever you want. You may even have a case for relocation before then if he doesn't exercise his parenting time and depending on the country you want to live


Q: When does child support obligation end?


  • Michael A Cohen’s answer: Assuming there is a court order obligating your husband to pay support for this child, he needs to go to family court ASAP to terminate the support order based on the child's adoption. He will still be responsible for any arrears that have accrued prior to the termination of the support order. It is unlikely though that she will be required to reimburse him if he has paid too much. Good luck!


Q: Can I the mother in law and my husband get kicked out of our own house by our daughter in law when she gets a divorce?


  • Michael A Cohen’s answer: Don't worry, it is not possible for your son's wife to take away your home, or evict you from the home you own with your husband. You can evict your daughter in law, though this can take time, particularly if your son and daughter in law have children living in the home. Good luck!